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10970 S. Cleveland Ave. #304 Fort Myers FL 33907

239.542.WINE (9463)

Hangar 41 Brew Club

A great beer is not a great beer because of the number of ingredients, but because of the quality of the ingredients, how they differ from each other yet still complement each other, and the process in which they were put together. Just like a great brew club!

Hangar 41 Brew Club was initially founded sometime around 2008 with a handful of home brewers in the Lee County area.   They wanted a place to purchase supplies, discuss techniques, share beer, and get feedback.  Accommodating that need was a no brainer!  Who doesn't want great brewers around?

As the brewers continued to hone their craft, and share their beer, the club exploded like a clogged airlock!  Growing to nearly 35 members in less than the a years time, we knew we would need to re-organize and head in a direction that would accommodate the increasing needs of the club.  We added supplies, more information, guest speakers, brew competitions, Master Brewer classes. BJCP Certification Prep classes, involvement in the craft beer community and culture of our area. As a club we have not only created additional events and opportunities for the craft and homebrew community, but volunteer poured at local beer events, hosted rallies at local breweries and craft beer bars, and so much more.  

In May of 2016, in order to guarantee relevance and keep good vision, the management and direction of the club was handed over to the club itself.  Hangar 41 Brew Club was shortly thereafter incorporated.  They love the homebrew community and they love assisting our local community in the process!  Have any questions or would like more information?  Follow the link to the Hangar 41 Brew Club page!

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