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The Brew Shop

For some, the art of fermentation runs in their blood.  Passed from generation to generation keeping to traditional recipes and flavors. Others are simply looking for a new hobby. Either way, we have what you are looking for! We challenge you to find another brewshop around with a better selection.

Wine, Beer, Cider, Mead, you name it, we will carry the supplies that you need to make it!  Choose from over 80 different wine kits, more than 50 different varieties of grains, we are currently on the plus side of 70 hop varieties, and billions and trillions of yeast cells chomping at the bit to go to work for you!

We are not just retailers trying to sell you supplies.  Wine and Beer are our passions.  We make it ourselves for ourselves, which means as we expand our own love of the craft, our inventory grows!  Keeping our needs abreast with yours!  Chances are if we do not carry a supply that you need, we will soon, or we will be able to aquire it for you!

Fermentation Supplies


Whether you prefer to ferment from a wine kit, or you are growing fruit in your own yard, you will need the right supplies and ingredients to turn that delicious fruit into delicious wine.  We carry fermenting equipment, (yes we have hydrometers), ingredients, additives, and even a very large selection of wine kits!


The beer industry is changing — and it’s going to impact what you’re sipping on in the years to come.  Currently, Americans are more invested in creative and innovative beers than ever before.  This gives us the incredibly fun challange of trying to peer into the future to know what you will want before you even know that you want it.

Come check out our wide selection of grains, extracts, hops, yeasts, adjuncts, flavors, 

Wine Kits

Product Lists

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